권태린 교수, 일본 ‘레이저테라피’ 저널 ‘젊은 연구자상’ 外

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◇권태린 교수, 일본 ‘레이저테라피’ 저널 ‘젊은 연구자상’ 수상= 중앙대 피부과학교실 권태린 연구교수가 일본 ‘레이저테라피(Laser therapy)’ 저널에서 젊은 연구자에 수여하는 ‘밍첸카오상(Ming-Chien Kao Award)’을 수상했다.

권태린 연구교수는 중앙대병원 피부과 김범준 교수팀과 함께 ‘고주파 치료를 통한 지방 분해의 효과 및 안전성을 입증한 연구 논문(Assessment of equivalence of adipose tissue treatment with a noncontact field RF system delivering 200 W for 30 min and 300 W for 20 min: An in vivo porcine study)’을 일본 ‘레이저테라피(Laser therapy)’ 저널에 발표해 그 우수성을 인정받아 이번에 젊은 연구자상을 수상하게 되었다.
‘밍첸카오상’은 일본 ‘레이저테라피’ 저널에 우수 논문을 기고한 45세 이하 젊은 과학자들 중 연간 3명에게 주는 상으로, 이번에 권태린 연구교수가 한국인으로는 유일하게 선정됐다.




Complete Schedule of the 2020 European Cup Group Stage Match: France, Germany and Portugal Enter the Hell Group
The drawing for the 2020 European Cup group division has been carried out. It is recorded that 24 teams will elbow each other and are divided into six groups.

European football party, European Cup 2020 will start from 11 June to 11 July. A long wait, of course. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 European Cup had to be postponed last year and could only be held this year.

Some groups are very interesting. Like Group F which deserves to be called a group of hell. Because two teams that have won the World Cup: France and Germany are in this group.

Not to mention that Portugal has Cristiano Ronaldo and Hungary as dark horses. It is very interesting, of course, waiting for the duels of the teams that are inhabited by big name players such as Kylian Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo to Thomas Mueller.
Interesting competition is also presented in Group D. England must meet Croatia, which is actually the 2018 World Cup semifinalist. Apart from Krosia, the two opponents in Group D are also never underestimated, namely Scotland and Czech Republic.

The 2020 European Cup will be opened by the match between Turkey and Italy on June 11. Come on, scroll down to see the complete schedule for the 2020 European Cup matches.